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Why is it so important to learn about relationships?

Don't you think it is important to spend some time learning about relationships since you will be spending most of your adult life in one?  Making the investment to learn about something in order to be able to meet the right partner and understand what a relationship is and what you have to do to find one and remain in one is vital.  Cocomatchmaker's book Successful Connections Your Key To Dating Success and so Much More is a great way to inform yourself about what to do and how to find a date.  There is so much useful information in the book.  

The Successful Connections University for SIngles offers date coaching in the privacy of your home via the iternet through Cocomatchmaker;s courses or over the phone, or one on one face to face.  Isn;t is time you spent some time to learn about relationships?

Best Wishes For Love & Success,


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