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Dating Conversation for First Date

What should you talk about? Well let's see. Keep the conversation light, upbeat and fun. Topics such as

your favorite music, movies, books also, where you would like to travel and where you have traveled ask them these questions? Talk about your dream job, what you are passionate about, ask them do you have any pets?

LIsten to your dates response. You are on the date to start to get to know each other keeping in mind that you are not a detective so do not interrogate your date! You will discover what topics you are both interested in so find common ground. If you find out they are a foodie then perhaps you might suggest another date to a great place that specializes in a certain food. By showing a genuine interest in your date and what they are discussing you will not only learn some things about them but you will be better able to determine your dates matchability to some of your own likes and dislikes.

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